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A powerful integration module

brings host MRP information to DMS to coordinate build plans, including work order demands BOMs and Materialis designed with a User defined and maintained “Retain and Merge” (Read Write) and "Integration table" allowing users to precisely incorporate Business Logic and work flow rules into the systems without having to house data in outside tables or adjust data in their host systems. 

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Assembly and BOM linkages give you unprecedented modeling control and critical path visibility. Build relationships from an import or Drag and Drop components together. You can also save and store your structures.  

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Data Synchronization:  The system is designed to synchronize your data in configurable views. Edit and Update links take you wherever you want to go.  

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Advanced Router Control logic that enables you to model very complex work flow rules.   

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Min/Max value for labor and machine allocation. This enables the scheduling engine to select an optimum high level schedule. After the schedule has been developed, you can easily adjust labor and machine load.    

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Advanced Project  Oriented features for being able to schedule by Duration (in days) and by planned hours. For example the duration of a task may be 10 days but the actual labor time required may only be 10 hours.  

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Option to use project management type commands such as Finish to Finish, Start to Start with lead time and/or lag time, etc.  Or you can use schedule commands such as parallel, sequential, lot (to pass lot sizes), and more.

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DMS allows for multiple calendars to be used for both scheduling and for assessing load against capacity. This gives the capability to perform quick “what if” scenarios, running different OT options for best results. You can also use the powerful DMS graphics to view overtime options.   

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The DMS “Job Completions” module has the capability of accepting both an electronic flat file and manual entry to calculate and show completion information to Work In Process. Percent complete can be based on either quantities complete (specific to the operation if required) or time complete against planned time. This gives all shops the ability to view the exact status of a job and the Actual start and completion of the job and its operations.

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