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 sissorsAvoiding the Spreadsheet Problem!

It can be difficult to imagine that many modernized manufacturers are still using manual Spreadsheets or other rudimentary “systems” to plan and schedule their businesses. Especially when you consider how vitally important it is to manage and coordinate the assets of your company! Here are just some of the inherent problems with Spreadsheet based systems:


ERP and MES systems are typically based on Infinite loading logic and/or simply do not have the detailed modeling capacity required for advanced work flow methodology. The result is data that simply cannot be relied upon for Capable to Promise (CTP) ability.   


There is a better solution!  

Imagine; planning scheduling shop floor control all integrated seamlessly into one production control system!  Change is a large part of your world so your systems need to be easily adaptable. 

• Most manufacturing environments are much too complex to manually coordinate and calculate all asset capacities and loads. As a result, spreadsheets depict high level shop load with no consideration for specific equipment or skill sets that can typically become bottlenecks. Even if you get close, something always changes!

•They can be made to look good by “spreadsheet wizards” but can also easily be manipulated to present unrealistic informatio.

•Since Spreadsheets are static they may only get updated when a request from management is made to get detailed shop performance information but are out of date most of the time (until intense administration is required to bring them briefly up to date).

• Capacity loads and production schedules are not integrated so calculating the result of a change in production is an administratively difficult task that is largely dependent on guess work.

• Spreadsheets always leave you wanting more. As a result, people try to expand the use and more and more spreadsheets are created to capture more required information. Soon you have dozens of spreadsheets and different versions of the truth. Expanding a flawed process just leads to “Spreadsheet Chaos” and compounds the problem.

• Project oriented programs such as MS Project DO NOT schedule. They are simply tools that depict a series of high level manually planned events.





What is the Dynafact DMS Technology?  

The Dynafact Manufacturing System (DMS) is a fully integrated Lean planning, scheduling, and execution system. It has been designed to complement your ERP system or function as a stand-alone technology to replace manual processes. The toolsets in DMS enable companies to maximize profitability by managing shop resources to best global output performances. The DMS sweet spot is its capability to model very complex shop environments and schedule thousands of orders in minutes, giving you the tools required to perform quick simulations in order to determine key production questions such as:


1. Can we take on new work and meet the delivery requirements?

2. Do we have overall shop capacity, people, machines and space?

3. Do we have the capacity in our special skill sets that are required in order to deliver on time?

4. What is the best recovery plan for a machine breakdown, emergency work interruption, etc?

5. What recovery plan is at the minimal cost to our company?

6. What are our near term and long term resourcing requirements for both labor and equipment?

7. What are the Projects EVMs and what are the specific job statuses and % complete in the shop?


In essence, The DMS technology allows you to reduce waste and improve Throughput by giving you the capability to focus on the “Value Drivers” of your business.  


Special Notes               

Customers using current  scheduling software:
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